Farm Loans for Women

Jul 29, 2022

According to the latest census, 36% of farmers are women, and 56% of farms have a female decision maker on board. Women are deeply rooted in agriculture in all facets; they are involved in the day-to-day work, record keeping, advocating with the public, and more. On the other hand, women are historically underserved regarding access to agriculture-related lending.

Alabama Farm Credit has reached out to bridge that gap in lending, having various options for loans that women may qualify for. For instance, they offer improvement loans, which assist in making a preexisting operation stay competitive by adding additional facilities or modernizing established structures, and livestock loans allowing women to gain the capital to create the cattle herd of their dreams. 

Their loans are not limited to improvement or livestock loans. However, Alabama Farm Credit offers women the opportunity to qualify for loans for land, agribusiness loans, equipment, and everything in between. They are genuinely a lender who knows the agriculture's ins and outs in all its components and can find creative lending solutions for their customers.

Women have been involved in agriculture throughout history. Still, in the past few years, the number of women entering the agricultural sector has been astounding and needs to be celebrated. Now, almost one million farmers represented across the United States are female and bring in nearly $13 billion of annual agricultural revenue. Even though most female-run farms are smaller operations, this is just the beginning for females in agriculture.

For females who are inspired and considering exploring their options for ag-lending, Alabama Farm Credit has an incredible number of options tailored to fit unique circumstances and requirements for each operation with competitive interest rates. Alabama Farm Credit combines its distinct business model with staff knowledgeable about lending and familiar with all that comes with being involved in agriculture.

Suppose you're a female in agriculture looking to become a part of a customer-owned cooperative that cares for you and your agricultural needs. In that case, you should talk with Alabama Farm Credit. They can take your vision and turn it into a profitable business with their various lending options.

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