We Share Our Earnings.

Alabama Farm Credit passes its earnings along to members in the form of a patronage check. Every borrower receives a part of the association's profits. Historically, we have given back about 60% of our profits in patronage.

Benefits of a Cooperative

Patronage FAQS

A check that is a share of Alabama Farm Credit’s earnings each year. The distribution of earnings is a benefit of membership in our co-op.

Alabama Farm Credit’s Board of Directors determine how much is given back to members each year. The directors must balance earnings, regulatory needs, and providing patronage to members.

Each check amount is based on the average outstanding balance of each member’s loans.

Checks are distributed in late March each year.

Patronage checks cannot be direct deposited, and all will be distributed via physical check.  This is an annual ritual for our branches that we enjoy!

We’re a cooperative, and this is a benefit for our members.

It can vary year to year.  On average, we’ve given back 60% of our profits each year over the last decade.

Patronage members are those with certain types of loans with Alabama Farm Credit and those loans must be in good standing.

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AFC Employee John Christopher Batts/Dividend Program

 Members Receive Patronage Checks

"As a co-op our best kept secret is our patronage checks. We love giving a percentage of our profits back to our members. It’s rewarding for our members to get that money back, but it’s also rewarding for us as employees of Alabama Farm Credit.” — John Christopher Batts, Tuscumbia Branch Manager

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What is voting stock?

Members who obtain a loan at Alabama Farm Credit purchase voting stock at loan closing. The vote gives you a voice in matters at our Annual Meeting, in accordance with the Farm Credit Act, regulations by the Farm Credit Administration and rules in Alabama Farm Credit's bylaws.

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In what form is my stock issued?

Your association issues a receipt for stock and participation certificates at the time they are issued. Ownership of the stock or participation certificates is recorded on the books of the associations.