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Alabama Farm Credit offers flexible farm land loan options to meet your goals. Get started by completing our loan application or contact an Alabama Farm Credit loan officer at (877) 681-6087 or reach out to one of our branch offices. 

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Alabama Farm Credit, founded in 1916, has been providing loans to individuals to purchase or improve farmland in Alabama for over a century. As a cooperative, we provide our members' value by returning earnings in the form of cash patronage to customers based on annual profits. As a result, the more creditworthy our customers are, the better Alabama Farm Credit will perform. And that means a greater return for members. 

Our cooperative was created to provide funding and expertise to rural-based borrowers investing in agricultural ventures, operations, and rural properties. Alabama Farm Credit understands the unique aspects of agricultural and rural real estate financing, and we meet the financial needs of our members by getting to know them and the nuances of each rural-based farm operation. The farmland loans we offer help farmers in a variety of ways, including:


  • Loans to buy farmland
  • Loans to improve existing farmland
  • Loans for building new construction on your farmland

We provide financing to farmers and anyone who owns or plans to purchase a rural property. Alabama Farm Credit employees are experts in rural financing. The characteristics of agricultural and rural real estate financing are unique, as are the members who help drive north Alabama's rural economy. Alabama Farm Credit takes a personal interest in each one. We thoroughly understand all aspects of agriculture and ensure our farmland loans are customized to meet the unique needs of every client. We want to be your family's full-service agriculture lender.

Farm Land Loan Rates


Whether financing a new land purchase, refinancing a current farmland loan, or making farmland improvements, Alabama Farm Credit has a long track record of helping Alabama families with rate and term options customized for their unique requirements.

We offer a variety of loans with excellent farmland loan rates. You can apply for fixed rates for the life of the farmland loan or interim-fixed, short-term loans with variable or adjustable rates, including rate conversions - all with flexible terms and payment options. As a cooperative, Alabama Farm Credit's borrowers are also members and stockholders - the cooperative has returned more than $100 million to our stockholders over the last ten years. In addition, these payments lower your effective interest rate, and you'll get a competitive rate upfront, but your dividends positively impact this interest rate.


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If you have any questions about loans to buy farmland, farmland loan rates, or any other questions, please get in touch with us to discuss. You can also visit us for farmland loan assistance at our five convenient locations in the northern region of Alabama. 

Whether you're planning to purchase farmland for your first farm, improve your existing farm, or build new construction on your farm, the rural financing experts at Alabama Farm Credit are here to help.  



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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve curated the top questions we’re asked most often. If you are unsure about our services, how a cooperative works or other details, you may find the answer you’re looking for right here.

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Yes, we make loans for the purchase, construction and improvement of homes located in rural areas. We also finance  rural homesites where a home is designated for future construction.
Whether you are a  young, beginning or small farmer or a large corporation, Alabama Farm Credit can meet your financing needs. When assessing a loan application loan officers consider these primary factors: the individual, financial responsibility, repayment capacity, loan purpose and security offered.
Our association is part of the nationwide Farm Credit System and is affiliated with the Farm Credit Bank of Texas, located in Austin, Texas. The Farm Credit Bank of Texas provides funding for loans by selling bonds to investors in the nation's money markets.
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We’ve created a pathway to ownership for young, beginning and small farmers.

At Alabama Farm Credit, we recognize that the future of American agriculture depends on a new generation of producers. Whether you’re completely new to farming, a 4-H member buying a show heifer for a foundation herd or a young person taking over the family farm, our New Generation II Loan may be what you’re looking for.

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