"From One Cattleman to Another"

Feb 10, 2023

Thomas Hays is the perfect example of ag-life being passed down through generations! Growing up in a family with cattle and his grandmother owning her own feed supply store, Thomas was well on his way to taking on agriculture as his life's calling. But it wasn't until he met the woman who would become Mrs. Hays that really allowed him to put roots down into this world - literally! 

Nowadays, you can find Thomas at Alabama Farm Credit proudly serving as our Rainbow City Branch Manager while also managing an impressive herd of cows back home. He may have been born into farm country but it’s safe we say these days are where he truly thrived – what more could you ask for?

Thomas and his wife Hannah are actively involved in her family’s cattle operations in North Alabama. Hannah’s family owns and operates a feed mill in town, care for and maintain their own 125 cow/calf herd, and they have been running the Alabama Bull Evaluation Center since 1991. Thomas has played an important role with this through hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment to the well-being of their herds.

As a cattleman himself, Thomas has been able to relate to his customers, providing them with real knowledge and form deeper relationships. “Customers value knowing that someone who is involved in the industry is the same person who is serving as their lending partner,” Hays said. Thomas has been able to intertwine his home life with his career, which has allowed him to explain customer challenges from both sides of the fence and help build long-term trust. It's clear why Thomas is such an asset to the Alabama Farm Credit team - he is passionate about what he does!

At Alabama Farm Credit, we're proud to employ ag-experts who truly know the land. Our team members like Thomas walk in their customers' shoes – literally! Each offers a unique insight and understanding into farming that can only be gained from years of real-world experience.