The Link in Cullman, Alabama: A Community Response to Hunger and Homelessness that goes Beyond the Holiday Season

Dec 19, 2023

Hunger and homelessness are prevalent issues all around the world. Even in the United States, many families struggle every day just to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads. This impact is felt tenfold when the holiday season rolls around. In Cullman, Alabama, the Link of Cullman County is an organization that helps to feed and care for families in need. In 2023, the need has tripled in size, and Alabama Farm Credit ‘s administrative office and AFC’s Cullman branch have joined forces to step in and help.   

“We exist to help our neighbors in their times of need by Linking people to help from all sources.” 


The Link’s mission is to inspire and uplift those living in poverty, encouraging them to dream bigger and believe that there is more in store for them. They understand that achieving these dreams requires the combined effort of many, so that is why they strive to connect resources, people, and needs. Through collaboration with community members, school leaders, church staff, and other non-profits, The Link has created programs and services that not only help those in poverty, but also foster meaningful relationships. 

“For the past eight years, we have been fortunate enough to serve as "The Link". Our transformative ministry embraces everyone, regardless of their circumstances, beliefs, or economic status. We meet people where they are and provide the support they need to thrive.” 


Calling on our Community 

With the local economy changing and population ever-growing, so is the need for The Link. Here are some ways that you can help meet these needs so that no one must go through these hardships alone: 


Currently, the Link serves 90 families a day, and this number continues to rise. To further support this endeavor, Alabama Farm Credit has become a tier sponsor, which includes a contribution of $2,500.  

Other Impacts of The Link 

The Link not only provides emergency support to families experiencing crisis, but it also walks with families for a longer period beyond the crisis moment. Typically, it takes families 3-5 months to stabilize, and the case management program helps families to meet them where they are today. Personal pathways are then designed to improve employment, increase income, and build stronger foundations for healthy families. 

Wallace, a local college, also works with the Link in helping with educational needs. This partnership helps families to gain skills and improve their educational backgrounds, so that they can achieve long term success.

Finally, the Link provides housing assurance and utility assistance. In partnership with Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (Liheap), the Link offers rental assistance to qualifying families. The organization also assists with utility bills when funds allow, helping families to keep the lights on and the water flowing. The Link proudly takes on these critical areas of support, working to ensure that families in Cullman have access to the basic needs so often taken for granted. 

In these challenging times, the Link’s need has tripled in size, making community support essential. The organization’s comprehensive approach to support is notable, offering family support in the form of food, housing, education, and direct assistance with utility bills. The Link's support is also specific, compassionate, and ongoing to ensure that every family who walks through their doors is cared for, fed, and empowered.  

Alabama Farm Credit’s is proud to support this year and hopes to be just the beginning of Cullman coming together to support this organization, working together to ensure that every family feels the strength of the entire community behind them. 


Visit The Link of Cullman County – Linking Cullman to get involved and make a difference today.