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Find financing to start, expand or update your poultry operations. Get started by completing our loan application or contact an Alabama Farm Credit loan officer at (877) 681-6087 or reach out to one of our branch offices. 

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About Our Poultry Loans

Our poultry loans are available to finance new construction of poultry houses or expansion to your existing poultry operation. We also finance the purchase of a poultry operation, updates and operating expenses.

Custom Poultry Loans

Our poultry loans carry a payment structure that matches the typical income stream and life cycle of a poultry operation, which will effectively improve your cash flow.

Experience Matters

Informed by decades of experience with writing poultry loans, we offer an underwriting process uniquely designed to accommodate the economics of poultry farming.

Poultry Loan Process 

If you’re looking for financial flexibility, you should investigate how to get a loan for a poultry farm. Growing your business with a poultry farm can give you options to promote a special egg or poultry product you have in mind. Going through the poultry farm loan process can reap benefits for expanding your operation through advertising, marketing, new equipment, and other operational enhancements. Alabama Farm Credit’s poultry loans can help you buy a poultry farm, build a poultry farm, improve an existing poultry farm, and more. 

The poultry industry is critical to the U.S. economy. This industry provides millions of jobs and accounts for 10% of total U.S. agriculture sales. This tremendous growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, either. Poultry and egg consumption is higher than pork and beef, and consumers seem to embrace this reality enthusiastically. Our competitive rates and poultry farm lending experience can enhance your poultry farming operation.

Our poultry loan process begins with an assessment to determine your needs with your poultry farm. Then, you can speak with one of our experienced loan experts on what you need for your poultry loan. Do you need to purchase more property? Do you need some equipment or tools to enhance your poultry farm? You can work with our loan officers and tailor a poultry farm loan to meet all your needs and objectives. 



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How much can I borrow?

Feb 19, 2021, 15:19 PM
Question : How much can I borrow?
Whether you are a  young, beginning or small farmer or a large corporation, Alabama Farm Credit can meet your financing needs. When assessing a loan application loan officers consider these primary factors: the individual, financial responsibility, repayment capacity, loan purpose and security offered.
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We’ve created a pathway to ownership for young, beginning and small farmers.

At Alabama Farm Credit, we recognize that the future of American agriculture depends on a new generation of producers. Whether you’re completely new to farming, a 4-H member buying a show heifer for a foundation herd or a young person taking over the family farm, our New Generation II Loan may be what you’re looking for.

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